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Cities Latitude and Longitude

World City Database - 240+ Countries (Includes TimeZone)

Database listing of all cities in the world with country code and states.

Why our cities database is far better than competitors?
=> One time fee. No annual or monthly subscription required.
=> We offer one year free updates on all database products
=> Our database includes 240+ countries which is way better than competitors
=> We have timezone information in the database for each city/country

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  City name is displayed in plain character. Select city to see Timezone. Check demo for latitude longitude database to see accentuated characters.
  • More than 2 million cities included in the database
  • Easy instructions to load data in Microsoft SQL and MySQL. If you need data in other format, then write to
  • Database Structure
  • City Table - Contains list of Cities
    FieldName Description Data Type
    country_code  Country Code nvarchar(2)
    state_code State Code nvarchar(20)
    city_name_ascii City Name in plain ascii format nvarchar(255)
    timezoneid Time Zone ID varchar(255)
    Country Table - Countries Information
    FieldName Description Data Type
    country_code Country Code nvarchar(2)
    country_name Country Name nvarchar(255) nvarchar(255)
    State/Region Table
    FieldName Description Data Type
    state_code State/Region Code nvarchar(20)
    state_name State Name nvarchar(255)
  • Free updates for one year.
  • Compressed Download size - 25 MB
  •  $25 [MySQL + Microsoft SQL included]
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Cities database with Latitude and Longitude
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