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Cities Latitude and Longitude

Latitude Longitude Database for all cities across the world

This latitude longitude database is one of the best cities database which contains exhaustive information about world cities and thie geo-cordinates.
 Plus get free latitude longitude database upgrades for one year.

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  • WebGeoCities is a detailed World Countries Cities/Regions Database with latitude and longitude coordinates which includes more than 230+ countries.
  • Total of 2330000++ cities/county (2 million+) included
  • Only cities database on internet with city names in accentuated (unicode) as well as plain ASCII format
  • Easy instructions to load data in Microsoft SQL and MySQL database provided.
  • Database Structure
  • Webgeocities World City Table
    FieldName Description
    country_code ISO-3166 Country Code
    state_code State Code - FIPS 10-4 Code
    city_name City Name in accentuated unicode format
    city_name_ascii City Name in plain ascii format
    latitude Latitude of the city
    longitude Longitude of the city

    Country Table - Countries Information
    country_code ISO-3166 Country Code
    country_name Country Name

    State/Region Table
    FieldName Description
    state_code State/Region Code - FIPS 10-4 Code
    state_name State Name

    You can also request for change in table structure for free by writing to us.

  • Free cities database updates for one year
  • Customer support - Write to for your queries
  • Compressed Download size - 30 to 50 MB compressed zip.
  • Database last Updated - August 2014
  •  $199 [MySQL + Microsoft SQL included]
  • Purchase World City Database with Latitude Longitude
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