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=> 230+ world countries included in this basic edition cities database which is way better than competitors
=> Includes 2,530,000 major cities of the world
=> City names in accentuated (unicode) as well as plain ASCII format
=> Free one year updates on all database products
=> Easy instruction provided to load cities database data into your database
=> Timezone information in the countries database for each city/country
=> All countries, states and cities are in English language only
=> Database last Updated - Jan 2016
=> Price: $199
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Database Tables and Columns:  
Webgeocities World City Table
Two Letter ISO-3166 Country Code
State Code - FIPS 10-4
City Name in accentuated unicode format
City Name in plain ascii format
City Latitude
City Longitude

Country Table - Countries Information
Two letter ISO Country Code
Country Name

State/Region Table
State/Region Code - FIPS 10-4
State Name

You can also request for change in table structure for free by writing to us before making purchase.

  •  $199 [MySQL + Microsoft SQL included]
  • Purchase World City Database with Latitude Longitude

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