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Brief Intro To The World Cities Product

Here's a very comprehensive and accurate World Cities Database for Your business!! We are very proud to say that we offer the maximum number of countries in our database compared to any competitor. Our organization is pioneer in this data industry since 2006 and have numerous customers ranging from freelancers, individual contributors, small enterprises(SME), small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) and large enterprises who procure the data for their web solutions from us. You will find detailed information of each country in the world in our database. Each city, state and country record undergoes a predefined set of criteria before it is added to the database.

Cities Database is the crux of any business solution on the internet. Without the right dataset, it would be difficult to capture your customer information or offer them solutions around your business needs. We provide the data in tab delimited files with easy instructions to load the data into a MySQL or Microsoft SQL database. You can also use any programming language of your choice to read the data from the flat files. As well, a rich text editor like Notepad++ can also be used to open the flat files to view the countries and cities data. Each city in the database is associated with its country and administrative division(also referred at state in some countries) to reduce the number of ambiguities.The dataset schema in published below so that you can adjust your requirements or product schema accordingly.

We take the actuality of our data seriously. Whenever there is a major update, we inform all clients via email with the download link and instructions. The data contained in our city database is checked regularly and updated directly with the data we acquire from our various sources. For the data that can't be gathered via official sources, we make sure the missing data is included in the database by using publicly accessible information. At this moment, we do not offer any multi languages country names, region names, city names. Entire dataset is in English. We believe in transparency and hence have furnished the information upfront as we get many enquiries around the multi language support of countries and cities in the database. We hope you like what you see here. Please bookmark our site or add it to your favorites and come back again! As the fastest growing cities data provider, we are always expanding the variety and the amount of data we provide. Our city database is in productive and commercial use for more than 14 years in many places around the world.

These are the main features that compel users to use our cities database product:
  • We aggregate database from authorized sources like USA Geological survey, NGIA, USA census Bureau and other paid premium data aggregation agencies
  • Latitude and longitude for each city and country
  • We are one of the oldest in this business since 2006
  • Free updates to all our product for one year
  • Instant download after purchase
  • Database customization based on your requirements - Email to for customized requirements

Cities Database Highlights

Includes 244 countries which is best when compared against any other online product

Includes 3,500,000+ small cities and counties across the world

City names in accentuated (unicode) and plain ASCII format

One year free updates without any extra cost

Easy instructions to load country state city database for mysql and Microsoft SQL
For other database formats, please email for updated pricing

Latitude and Longitude info for each city

Dialing prefix and Time zone info included for each city of the world

Database last Updated - Dec 2024

Price: Download Cities Database

World City Database Schema

City Table

Country Code
State Code
City Name in accentuated unicode format
City Name in plain ascii format
City Latitude
City Longitude
Time Zone

Country Table

Country Code - 2 letter ISO code
Country Code - 3 letter ISO code
Country Name
Continent Name

State/Region Table

State/Region Code
State Name

Download Cities Database Sample Records

We have hosted data for few cities and countries live from the database. Remember!!! Only few records are shown for each country and city in the demo.
Check Online Data for Country of Your Choice
Open Source Cities Database Schema and Sample on GitHub  

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