• We offer a fast and simple URL API Service to find country name from IP address
  • We manage the IP address database updates at our end and help you focus on your business.
  • Only Ipv4 is supported. For Ipv6 address, you will get error code 2. Scroll to see webservice output details
  • Subscription Price: $5 Per Month per website. Trial service available via paypal. You can cancel the service anytime from paypal account
  • Download ASP.net and PHP sample projects
  • As such there is no limit on the number of requests you can fire in a month until you start crashing our server and impacting your own website/app service. If you have any such heavy requirement then write to us at support@worldcitiesdatabase.com
  • License is site wise. License token and IP address will be blocked without issuing notice for any misuse like usage on more than one website

Webservice Input
IP Address
Account Token
Webservice Output
Description: Your request has not been processed due to invalid syntax
Description: Contains two-letter (ISO 3166) and three-letter country codes, and a full country name. Also country name may be multi-word and contain spaces
Description: given ip/dec not found in database or not yet physically assigned to any country

For output, the first digit indicates status so you don't have to always parse the whole string. Output is always semicolon delimited text/plain - you can pass it to any type of application.

IP GeoLocation Subscription

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