1. Includes 3,616,000+ (3.3 million) postal codes in the database for around 91 countries
2. Latitude and longitude geo-coordinates are also included in database
3. All products get free one year updates
4. Load data into your Microsoft SQL and MySQL database eaisly using our instructions
5. For Canada, Chile,Malta and Ireland we have only the first letters of the full postal codes (for copyright reasons)
6. Database last Updated - March 2020
7. Price: $149

  Download World Postal Code Database Sample Data(USA, GB, Australia Samples Only)

Postalcodes Table
FieldName Description
id Unique id for a location
countrycode Two letter country code
postalcode Postal code of the city/place
city_name City/SubArea Name
Country Country Name
State State/Admin Division Name
latitude Latitude
longitude Longitude

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